happy young businessman on spring fieldWhen running a company, often times many things
take priority over network infrastructure. However,
it is becoming more and more crucial to keep a good
handle on network infrastructure in small businesses.  

Approach Office Solutions will not only set up your
computer network, we will also provide maintenance
for it, keeping it in optimal working condition.


After configuring your physical setup, the next step in
network setup and maintenance is properly configuring
routers and firewalls. To keep IP addresses flowing and properly segment your network, proper router setup is essential. Another nasty issue is illicit access to a private network. This is where properly configuring a firewall comes in handy. Security break-ins can be a network nightmare!


To be sure that the network is being used properly, a good network administrator needs an “eye in the sky”. Good monitoring software will help diagnose a number of issues, including some already described in this article. If some of your users are abusing the network, you will quickly know with a good monitoring system in place.

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